Vada - Rosignano

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Il Tesorino


Spacious beach and shallow water. Excellent for beach games, kite surfing and windsurfing. Refreshment services are available on the beach.


Large easy access parking.

How to reach it:

This beach is characterized by fine whitish sand, covers a stretch of coast about 4 kilometers, the resort Lillatro in the hamlet of Rosignano Solvay in Vada in the locality Pietrabianca.

You can access the white beaches from different points. The main accesses, which include among other things, a parking area, are four and are located, the first in town Lillatro, the second along the Via Aurelia halfway between Rosignano and Vada at the mouth of the River End, the third just ahead always along the Via Aurelia, an area known as Pennello and the fourth in the locality Pietrabianca.

Both Pennello that Pietrabianca area are available in bars and beach umbrellas hire, sunbeds, while the Lillatro area services are located a few dozen meters from the entrance point.

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The White Beaches are a stretch of about four kilometers of sandy coast of the town of Rosignano Marittimo in Tuscany, between the villages of Rosignano Solvaye the center of the hamlet of Vada. Wet from the Ligurian Sea, is situated at the extreme northern edge of the Maremma coast.

The unusual color of the sand, which is why the beach is compared to the tropical shores, is a result of years of processing and of calcium carbonate discharged from a plant of the Solvay group, located at Solvay, about a kilometer from coast. The sodiera, which happens to be the largest in Europe, was built in 1912 near the beach, starting its activity in 1914, producing, as well as sodium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide, polyethylene, calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and hydrochloric acid. Access to the beach is given by a small hill, which until 1983 served as a landfill production waste and domestic waste.

Because of discharges of Solvay, which include various pollutants (including a time even mercury released in the works through electrolysis), the White Beaches are among the most polluted in Italy and fishing in the surrounding waters is extremely reduced. Moreover, this stretch of coast is among the 15 most polluted coastal sites on the Mediterranean Sea, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations program for the environment. The problem has been significantly mitigated since the 2000s; in 2010 it was completed the disposal of mercury from Solvay manufacturing cycle, following the conversion of the plant to membrane electrolysis occurred from 2008; However discharges at sea, except mercury, and chlorine production have not changed and is discarded each year more than 100,000 tons of waste. Nevertheless, even in the years before the industry conversion, this stretch of coast has been awarded several times with the Blue Flag. The White Beaches remain one of the most popular seaside destinations in Tuscany.

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  • Carnevale di Vada / Carnival of Vada - (February) - Parade of children crowded, is organized like every year, the Proloco and from the characteristic. A party in the center of the country cured in every detail of colorful masks and floats.
  • Verdeoro - (May) - Important showcase the excellence of local productions. Visit companies, taste, buy local products, meet new and unexpected aspects of the country, pleasantly spend a weekend within the walls of the medieval village, visiting palaces and museums or learning to cook with famous chefs: all this at Verdeoro.
  • La Notte Blu / The blue night - (June) - It 'a big party created to celebrate the flags that FEE awards each year to this coast. For one night the whole Etruscan Coast is filled with music, color and flavors for all tastes. Beach parties, dancing, miss, fashion shows, flea markets, open museums, sports, fireworks without forgetting the excellent cuisine and Tuscan wines. All in anticipation of what will be the big summer party.
  • Presepe Vivente / Living Nativity - (December) - A magical atmosphere around the cobbled streets and ancient funds of Rosignano Castle before Christmas. More than 150 participants will create one of the most suggestive living nativity among those represented. With the characters of the nativity, centurions, the Roman knights and shepherds, relive ancient crafts and customs in which the whole people of this ancient hill town.
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